Sometimes the time gets too long, because you have to wait for an appointment, the departure of a train, bus or plane, or just to relax some minutes at home or at lunchtime at work. Or you simply want  to find some information about an upcoming trip, to see what you can expect.
Nothing is easier but to watch a small video with relaxing music and the sound of nature.
Here is a selection of videos (slideshows and short films):


Every Drop of Water is the Source of Life

In the beautiful valley of the Ernz Noire in Luxembourg Mullerthal you will find this wonderful unique travertine source. The crystal-clear calcarous water flows over the limestone rock formation into a small natural bassin. The famous Mullerthal Hiking Trail passes this wonderful place but it is also easily accessible by a walk over a 600 m wooden bridge crossing the small river. It is a unique place to relax from everyday stress, to enjoy the beautiful nature. Everybody of us can contribute to save our environment and nature.


Starry Night – a short journey through the sky above Luxembourg

This short video shows a compilation of time-lapse photography of the sunset, the stars and star trails of the celestial north pole, photos of the Milky Way in the summer sky, of the comet Neowise and phase photos of a lunar eclipse with the blood moon.

This little video invites you to dream under the fantastic starry sky and to sensitize you to help to limit the light pollution that the stars can shine brightly everywhere again.

The Tropical Rainforest

- a place that never sleeps

a video about the tropical Rainforest of Costa Rica

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Namibia a self drive round trip with 4 X 4 and roof tent

In this video, I share my impressions and experiences of a self-organized 14-day roundtrip in Namibia with a 4 X 4 car with a roof tent on the top. Destinations of the itinerary are the Kalahari desert, Sossusvlei, Deadvlei, Fish-River Canyon, Waterberg Plateau, Spitzkoppe, Okonjima Nature Reserve, Quiver Tree Forest, Kolmanskuppe. Animals in the movies are White Rhinos, Cheetahs, Leopards, Brown Hyena, Oryx , Ostrich and ......

the night sky above Luxemburg

The tropical rainforest might be compared to a pulsating metropolis: It is a place that never sleeps. An incredible environment of high diversity which overwhelms all our senses.
As soon as the nocturnal animals come to rest, the first birds start to sing and the cicadas begin to chirp and keep the noise level high until dusk.
During day, the rainforest is quite dark inside and most of its colourful inhabitants are not easily visible. Only the shrill whistle from the canopy, a rustling in the scrub, or peels of fruits or nuts falling down let you guess which animal is hiding where. The variety of the scents of blossoming flowers and ripe fruits and the territorial markings of the animals mix all together to one single smell.
The variety of shapes of all the plants or the attractive looking caterpillars invite you really to touch them. However, since many plants and animals can be toxic, this is not advisable. There is no distinct season in which the life runs quieter. Exploring the tropical rainforest is always an exciting experience. Life in the tropical rainforest comes never to rest.


Island of the beauty

a video about the beautiful island of Corsica, France

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Gorilla Trekking

Close Encounters with Mountain Gorillas

 a video about the Gorilla Trekking in Uganda and Rwanda

Corsica’s french nickname "the Island of beauty" summarizes everything: Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, Corsica's seascapes and landscapes are unique in the world with an astounding geographical diversity: azure blue sea, chain of mountains, lovely and secluded beaches, dense green forests, deep gorges with crystal clear rivers, picturesque hilltop villages and small historical towns.Corsica belongs to France but enjoys and maintains some degree of administrative autonomy. In particular Corsica preserves its natural and historical heritage and offers many authentic sceneries for both amateur and professional photographers.The following pictures invite you through a trip across Corsica from the North to the South.

To get eye to eye to Mountain Gorillas, one of the closest relatives of human beings, is an amazing and unforgettable moment which you have only once in your life. Gorilla Tracking in The Volvanoes National Park in Rwanda or in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda gives you the privilege to stay for a while with this primates who live in distinct groups in the wild. All the gorilla groups are habituated to the presence of people and and you are allowed to stay one hour with them in their natural habitat. To be close to Mountain Gorillas and facing the Silverback and observe a part of their daily life and capture some pictures with your camera is really breathtaking. I had an opportunity to stay with “Group Thirteen” in Rwanda) and with the "Habinyanja Group" in Uganda

Wild Boar

Give wild boar a chance to survive

Wild Boar has all over the world a bad reputation due to their expanding population, their damage to crops and farmland, crashes with cars, distributing parasites to our domestic animals and bringing the swine flu to humans.... Only the meat of the wild boar and its flavouring taste has a good reputation. But the environmental benefits of the wild boar for the biodiversity of plants and a healthy soil is forgotten.