Sometimes the time gets too long, because you have to wait for an appointment, the departure of a train, bus or plane, or just to relax some minutes at home or at lunchtime at work. Or you simply want  to find some information about an upcoming trip, to see what you can expect.
Nothing is easier but to watch a small video with relaxing music and the sound of nature.
Here is a selection of videos (slideshows and short films):

The Tropical Rainforest

- a place that never sleeps

a video about the tropical Rainforest of Costa Rica

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The tropical rainforest might be compared to a pulsating metropolis: It is a place that never sleeps. An incredible environment of high diversity which overwhelms all our senses.
As soon as the nocturnal animals come to rest, the first birds start to sing and the cicadas begin to chirp and keep the noise level high until dusk.
During day, the rainforest is quite dark inside and most of its colourful inhabitants are not easily visible. Only the shrill whistle from the canopy, a rustling in the scrub, or peels of fruits or nuts falling down let you guess which animal is hiding where. The variety of the scents of blossoming flowers and ripe fruits and the territorial markings of the animals mix all together to one single smell.
The variety of shapes of all the plants or the attractive looking caterpillars invite you really to touch them. However, since many plants and animals can be toxic, this is not advisable. There is no distinct season in which the life runs quieter. Exploring the tropical rainforest is always an exciting experience. Life in the tropical rainforest comes never to rest.

Wild Boar

Give wild boar a chance to survive

Wild Boar has all over the world a bad reputation due to their expanding population, their damage to crops and farmland, crashes with cars, distributing parasites to our domestic animals and bringing the swine flu to humans.... Only the meat of the wild boar and its flavouring taste has a good reputation. But the environmental benefits of the wild boar for the biodiversity of plants and a healthy soil is forgotten.