"Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye ... it also includes the inner pictures of the soul." [Edvard Munch]

I have picked out this quote from Edvard Munch as the subheading for my website because it reflects very well, what I feel when taking photos on my journeys close or far away from home.

During these journeys, I experience moments, sometimes only short glimpses, which leave unforgettable memories: Meeting people of different cultures, eye-to-eye encounters with rare and endangered species of animals in their natural habitat, unique plants and flowers, breathtaking sceneries and landscapes in a mystical light or during a starry night, the lonely places in small villages or in pulsating metropolises. Catching flashes in which time just simply stands still, captured with the camera and turning into everlasting memories.

I hope that my personal selection of photographs from over 30 years of my various journeys combined with my nostalgic memories, invites you to stay for a while on my website. Perhaps you have already been to these places and it brings back your own souvenirs of an unforgettable journey. Maybe it makes you dream and feel almost transferred to that spot, or you feel inspired, that you plan to travel to these destinations yourself.

To continue your virtual journey on my website, you can select either a category or a subcategory from the "Portfolio" menu, or if you want to have an overview of the different topics first, then click here on the Portfolio.

I hope you enjoy my site and feel free to contact me for further suggestions or questions.


Christof Muller Fine Art Photography