Wild Orchids in the heart of Europe

a natural beauty with a symbolic charakter

Late spider orchid Ophrys holoserica or Ophrys fuciflora
Late spider orchid Ophrys holoserica or Ophrys fuciflora (german: Hummel Ragwurz, fr: Orphys frelon) growing on limeturf close in the vincinity of the vineyards

Wild nativ orchids in the heart of Europe

Everybody knows the attractive flowers of the tropical orchids, especially because they are sold as decorative flowers in many garden centers, supermarkets and even petrol stations.

But who knows that in the heart of Europe (I'm talking about Luxembourg and the border regions Eifel, Ardennes, Lorraine and Moselle) there are more than 35 different orchid species growing wild? Many orchid species are threatened by the way agriculture and forestry are operated. Since some time, however, there has been increasing engagement in the protection of orchids and the preservation of their habitats, so that there is a chance for these survival artists and their strategies and tricks to lure insects to ensure their reproduction.

Orchids were used as an aphrodisiac until the 20th century, today they are a symbol of nature conservation.

Enjoy the extraordinary beauty lizard orchid, pyramidal orchid, late spider orchid, military orchid, lady orchid and many other wild nativ European Orchids.

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