The Tropical Rainforest of Costa Rica

a place that never sleeps

"Misty Rainforest in Morning Light"  The rainforest in Osa Peninsula is lowland primary rain forest located on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Different Pictures from the same angle at different days.

The Tropical Rainforest – a place that never sleeps

The tropical rainforest might be compared to a pulsating metropolis: It is a place that never sleeps. An incredible environment of high diversity which overwhelms all our senses.

As soon as the nocturnal animals come to rest, the first birds start to sing and the cicadas begin to chirp and keep the noise level high until dusk.

During day, the rainforest is quite dark inside and most of its colourful inhabitants are not easily visible. Only the shrill whistle from the canopy, a rustling in the scrub, or peels of fruit or nuts falling down let you guess which animal is hiding where. The variety of the scents of blossoming flowers and ripe fruits and the territorial markings of the animals mix all together to a one single smell.

The variety of shapes of all the plants or the attractive looking caterpillars invite you really to touch them. However, since many plants and animals can be toxic, this is not advisable. There is no distinct season in which the life runs quieter. Exploring the tropical rainforest is always an exciting experience. Life in the tropical rainforest comes never to rest.

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The Wildlife of the Rainforest in Corcovado

Generally, wildlife photographers tent to get as close as possible to their subject to catch "eye-to-eye" pictures. The same was true for me. But, travelling to remote places with all the restrictions and hiking in the jungle with heavy equipment (long lenses, tripod) is not really a big pleasure. This is why I decided to use rather moderate tele-lenses (200 mm) and wide-angle lenses to show as much as possible of the natural habitat where animals live and the relation between the environment and the wildlife. I have deliberately chosen first some pictures of animals including their natural environment.

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Nocturnal animals in the Rainforest: The twinkle of the eyes reveals the owner.

When the sun sets it does not mean that the rainforest falls into a sleep. Life goes on but with different characters. The rainforest at night is like a new world inhabited by unique, fascinating and shy creatures. Many animals hide during day from their hunters like the beautiful treefrogs. But where there is potential food there are potential predators and it is the prime time to hunt. To discover the amazing creatures of the tropical rainforest during a jungle walk at night you really need two important things: an experienced local biologist who guides you in the dark and gives you all the explanations and a good headlamp. Everywhere the light beam of your headlamp is directed, a pair of eyes twinkle back to you. The sparkle of green, yellow or orange eyes indicate that there is an animal because many nocturnal animals have mirror-like membranes behind the retina which reflects the beam of the headlamp in different colors.

If you discover the jungle only during day, you will experience only half of its miracles!

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