... some words about me

Who I am?

First of all, I am not a professional photographer.

I define myself as a passionate amateur photographer for more than 30 years now.

Discovering foreign countries, to learn from people of different cultures, to observe the beauty of nature and to comprehend the relations between each other is part of my natural curiosity. It was the reason why I studied social sciences and particularly ethnology. I work in the social field

as a managing director, but my heart beats for the natural sciences.

Since over 40 years, I live in Luxembourg a small beautiful country, but with a high level of cultural diversity and still preserving a wide range of different natural habitats.

How I see the world?

As a young boy (born in 1962 in Germany), I was always interested in learning about animals, watched wildlife documentaries on TV (like Jacques Cousteau or Bernhard Grizmek), and read books by Konrad Lorenz. I like simple, natural things. This applies to people as well as landscapes,

flowers, animals and natural phenomena. Simply just because it is merely beautiful in itself, aesthetically pleasing and just as it really is in its cultural context or in its natural environment. It doesn’t matter if the subject or object is just in my backyard or far away.

How I take my photographs?

The way how I see the world affects the way I take pictures and process them later. Natural light, trying to include the natural habitat or the cultural context, authenticity are important things for me.

In the post-processing I do some cropping, and some adjustments for light, tonal range, contrast, saturation and some other little changes. In general, I prefer to use colour as a creative element in the composition, but this is my personal choice.

Why I share the world through my images?

Simply, because I always like to share with other interesting people the wonderful moments I spent in amazing places all over the world, the close encounters I had with wild animals in their natural habitat, to see everyday things from a different angle or in a new light.

Of course, the conservation of the environment, the protection of the habitats and the reduction of the impact on global warming is of great concern to me, but I don’t want to appear as a moralizer, leaving myself sometimes a big ecological footprint.

I have no real financial interest in photography.