On our beautiful planet there are still some particularly amazing and unique spots where you can experience breathtaking sceneries, stunning wildlife and glorious cultures: the tropical rainforest with its almost endless variety of plants and animals, the blue ocean and its endless coastline with an astonishing marine life, the savannah's and bush in Africa with an incredible number of large herds of grazers and their predators, endless boreal forest in North-America and Europe.

You are welcomed to share my impressions about my unforgettable journeys and encounters.

Animal Close-up

In this series of photographs, I show a unique and close view on eye-to-eye encounters with animals with the awareness of each other on both sides.


Windows and Doors

Doors and windows are everywhere. But for me there is always a special interest in taking pictures of windows and doors.


With this series of pictures I want you to feel the salt breeze, to listen to the rhythmic sounds of the waves, smell the scent of the dunes vegetation, enjoy the sunrise or sunset over the ocean.

Abstract Patterns

I showcase here a selection of photographs which do not have an immediate association with their natural context.