Africa, a continent that enchants


If I ever have seen magic, it has been in Africa ”, Ernest Hemingway


I travelled quite a lot around different continents and countries. On all my journeys I made once-in-a life-experiences one can never forget. But travelling in Africa is different. Africa captivates your soul for the rest of your life. Many quotes of famous people, like this one of Ernest Hemingway, describe this magic phenomenon, but it is the same for everyone who has travelled to Africa and to whom I spoke.

To travel in Africa is not an easy task mostly due to political instability, big and small local conflicts and an unreliable infrastructure. But how to describe the fascination for Africa?

Africa is a true land of wonders which offers unique and breathtaking natural sceneries, a species-rich fauna and flora with some of the most fantastic animals in the world. Africa preserves a uniquely strong cultural heritage and art, which inspired and characterized even the most famous modern artists like Pablo Picasso and Henry Moore.


Finally, Africa is the cradle of mankind, maybe it is the reason why Africa enchants you forever. 


the Extreme North-Mandara Mountains

The Extreme North of Cameroon (north of Maroua) is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. There are spectacular rock formations of the Mandara Mountains (Rhumsiki, Kapsiki) close to the Nigerian Border. Traditional villages with round huts, where visitors can experience authentic local culture. … more


an undiscovered paradise

Zimbabwe is a country that has been spared from mass tourism unlike other countries in Africa. Nevertheless, Zimbabwe is a very attractive, beautiful, pleasant destination, which has a lot to offer and which makes travelling to Africa so amazing.

Victoria Falls, Hwange National and Nyanga National Parks are only some of the  breathtaking places in Zimbabwe.

... more


the Kingdom of Ashanti

… coming soon


the Pearl of Africa

Uganda's nickname is "The Pearl of Africa" and in my opinion it deserves the name.

Large national parks like the Queen Elisabeth National Park, the Kazinga Channel, the Lake Bburo National Park, Bujagali Falls all different with abundant wildlife, places of great cultural and historical importance, like the source of the Nile. ... more 

Rwanda and Uganda

Encounters with Gorilla and Chimpanzees

You never dreamed about to be in the footsteps of one of the most world-renowned primatologists like Diane Fossey or Jane Goodall  who both revolutionized the research through their observation techniques and their conservation efforts of primates. In Uganda and Rwanda you can encounter and observe both mountain gorillas and wild chimpanzees close and you get unique insights into their daily routines. ... more