On our beautiful planet there are still some particularly amazing and unique spots where you can experience breathtaking sceneries, stunning wildlife and glorious cultures: the tropical rainforest with its almost endless variety of plants and animals, the blue ocean and its endless coastline with an astonishing marine life, the savannah's and bush in Africa with an incredible number of large herds of grazers and their predators, endless boreal forest in North-America and Europe. You are welcomed to share my impressions about my unforgettable journeys and encounters in our beautiful world.

Red-eye Tree Frog
Red-eye Tree Frog

My latest work

Costa Rica is a small country in size in Central Amercia. But it owns an incredible biodiversity. Especially the Osa Peninsula with the Corcovado Nationalpark and the areas around, like Drake Bay is  according to the National Geographic Magazine, "the most biologically intense place on earth". It is an extraordinary place for any wildlife enthusiast. Four different species of monkeys as well as Baird's tapirs, scarlet macaws, toucans, frogs, snakes, bats and many animals more …. 

Animals in their natural habitat

To capture with your camera the character of animals in their natural habitat is always very inspiring. Close encounters with these magnificent beings leave lifelong traces in your remembrance (and not only on the memory card of your camera).

Important for en eye-to-eye encounter is in my opinion always the awareness of each other on both sides. Take a tour at the images to see what I mean.

Young Grizzly Bear
Young Grizzly Bear

Animal portraits in captivity

"The caged bird dreams about clouds."
(Japanese Proverb)

Almost all of these wonderful majestic animals I encountered in their natural habitat. My attitude towards zoos and game reserves stays always ambigue. Nevertheless, these portraits convey the grace and majesty of these animals. However, their sad eyes tell us that these individuals would prefer the full freedom instead of being in captivity.


In this section I would like to show you the true beauty of nature without any or at least with very little signs of the presence of human beings like shores, mountains, plains or forests. It can be either close to our homes or in remote places. The main focus is put on forms, colors, patterns, weather, light and other natural phenomenons.


It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.” (Alfred Eisenstaedt).

I have a small selection of people photography consisting of some portraits and some candid photos, taken without the awareness of the people.

Flowers, Plants and Trees

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Romantic Journeys

With this series of pictures, I would like to invite you to a journey which makes you feel like being in another time.

Particular and inviting places which indulge happiness and  good memories. Locations where the time seems to stands still and where you want to remain forever.


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Abstract and Patterns

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