On our beautiful planet, there are still some particularly amazing and unique spots where you can experience breathtaking sceneries, stunning wildlife and glorious cultures: The tropical rainforest with its almost endless variety of plants and animals, the blue ocean and its endless coastline with an astonishing marine life, the savannah's and bush in Africa with an incredible number of large herds of grazers and their predators, endless boreal forest in North-America and Europe. You are welcome to share my impressions about my unforgettable journeys and encounters in our beautiful world.

Namibia a fascinating dream journey
Namibia a fascinating dream journey

Namibia a dream destination

Namibia is a very unique destination on our planet especially for every landscape and wildlife photographer. It is a heaven for everybody who is enthusiastic about an authentic and untouched nature. The journey includes Kalahari Desert, Quiver tree Forest, Fish River Canyon, Sossusvlei and Deadvlei, Kolmanskuppe, Swakopmund, Solitaire, Wallis Bay, Waterbury Plateau and Okonjima Nature Reserve. more ... 

Tenerife in a different light

Tenerife is a paradise for landscape photographers. As one of the Canary islands, belonging to Spain, Tenerife is dominated by the volcano Pico del Teide, but offers forests like the Anaga Biosphere reserve, the Masca Valley, beaches with breaking waves and beautiful small towns which preserved the Canary style buildings and architecture.

more ...

Tenerife in a different light. El Teide National Park at sunset
Tenerife in a different light. El Teide National Park at sunset

Red-eye Tree Frog
Red-eye Tree Frog

Costa Rica's Tropical Rainforest

Costa Rica is a small country in size in Central Amercia. But it owns an incredible biodiversity. Especially the Osa Peninsula with the Corcovado Nationalpark and the areas around, like Drake Bay is  according to the National Geographic Magazine, "the most biologically intense place on earth". It is an extraordinary place for any wildlife enthusiast. Four different species of monkeys as well as Baird's tapirs, scarlet macaws, toucans, frogs, snakes, bats and many animals more …. 

Corsica "L'île de beauté"

The french surname "the Island of beauty" summarizes everything: Corsica offers unique seascapes and landscapes with an astounding geographical, natural and historical  diversity: azure blue sea, mountains, secluded beaches, green forests, deep gorges with crystal clear rivers, picturesque hilltop villages and small historical towns. You'll find the highlights of Corsica from North to the South here ...

Swimming with Humpback Whales in the Silverbank
Swimming with Humpback Whales in the Silverbank

Whales, Grizzlys, Glaciers and Icebergs in Alaska

The Alaskan Wilderness offers opportunities for close encounters with Grizzly Bears, observing bubble net feeding Humpback whales, foraging orcas, Steller sea lions, Bald Eagles, and many other animals.

The Scenery is spectacular with snow-capped mountains, Glaciers, Fjords with floating ice, meadows with beautiful flowers and abundant wildlife in the temperate rainforest of the Tongass National Forest.  …. more here

Swimming with Whales

Watching whales from a boat on the surface is already a great experience but it is nothing compared to the gentle encounters with humpback whales under water. "Eye-to-eye" with humpback whales in their natural environment at the Silver Bank is unlike any other privilege in your lifetime. There is nothing to comparable than to swim with this magnificent giants of the sea in their natural environment at the Silver Bank. ... more here 

Young Grizzly Bear
Young Grizzly Bear

Newfoundland Dancing with Whales

Why it is so fascinating to watch whales and dolphins in their natural environment?

One of the best places to have close encounters with whales in the world are the crystal clear Atlantic Waters around Newfoundland in Canada. The whales get close to the boats and watch the people and try to communicate with us using their social behaviour patterns, perhaps just for fun, but probably to send us a message of interest or of dislike because you have come too close to them or they feel threatened. … here more

Zimbabwe an undiscovered paradise

Zimbabwe is a very attractive and amazing destination in Africa which pleasantly surprises. First of all, there are the famous Victoria Falls, which are the largest falls in the world, Hwange National Park, home to elephants, kudus, antelopes, zebras, lions as well as cheetahs, buffalos and giraffes but spared of mass-tourism, Nyanga National Park a relaxing oasis. But Zimbabwe offers also a rich prehistorical, historical and cultural heritage.   …. more here

Cameroon -Extreme North

The Extreme North of Cameroon (north of Maroua) is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. There are spectacular rock formations of the Mandara Mountains (Rhumsiki, Kapsiki) close to the Nigerian Border. Traditional villages with round huts, where visitors can experience authentic local culture. Breath-taking sceneries, traditional villages, welcoming people, Cameroon is off the beaten path. more here

Wild Orchids in Luxembourg

Everybody knows the attractive flowers of the tropical orchids especially those sold as decorative flowers.

But who knows that in the heart of Europe (I'm talking about Luxembourg) there are more than 35 different orchid species growing wild? Since some time, however, there has been increasing engagement in the protection of orchids and the preservation of their habitats, so that there is a chance for these survival artists and their strategies and tricks to lure insects to ensure their reproduction.

Enjoy the extraordinary beauty lizard orchid, pyramidal orchid, late spider orchid, military orchid, lady orchid and many other wild nativ European Orchids. … more here

Baja California, Mexico

Northern Elephant Seals

What is miraculous about this largest species of pinnipeds is that they were hunted to the edge of extinction and only a few species survived. Since it was not worth to continue to hunt them in an economic sense, the few ones who survived recovered remarkably and due to their protection there are thousands of elephant seals on the islands.

… more here

New York City

New York City (better Manhattan) is one of the top metropoles in the world to visit. It’s no wonder: Manhattan is home of iconic photographic places and has plenty attractions, such as Central Park, the Empire State Building, Central Station, world-class museums, a really imposant Skyline (with the Empire State building, Rockefeller Center, One World Trade Center) pulsating center like Times Square and Broadway. But there's more that Manhattan has to offer than the obvious sights. Manhattan contains charming areas and hidden green spaces, trendy boutiques and classic bars. There is Greenwich, … more here

Aesthetics of Shipwrecks and other abandoned things

Close to the Atlantic Ocean, in Brittany (Bretagne) in France you can discover the presence of several Shipwreck graveyards ("Cimetière de bateaux"). These boat graveyards, composed of abandoned fishing boats (thuna fishing) of local fishing communities. These sites serve for many people for a nostalgic and mystic place for memories and stories where you can bestow the aesthetic beauty of the decay. Shipwreck graveyards are a real treasure trove for photographers. ... here more