The Extreme North-Mandara Mountains

all photographs are taken during a journey in december 1990

The Extreme North of Cameroon (north of Maroua) is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. There are spectacular rock formations of the Mandara Mountains (Rhumsiki, Kapsiki) close to the Nigerian Border. Traditional villages with round huts, where visitors can experience authentic local culture. The hillside villages subsist mainly through terrace farming (sorghum). One of the most famous of these villages is Rhumsiki, which is stunningly situated in rugged mountain scenery. The market (on Thursdays) of Tourou with women wearing kalebasses is worth a visit and Col de Koza which welcomes foreigners warmly to get an insight in the traditional culture of weaving, iron producing and the sorcerer with the crab predicts your future.

Travel Warning!

All Foreign authorities warn against travel to the Extreme north of Cameroon and particularly along the Nigerian border. The Mandara Mountains are not considered safe for tourists because of the ongoing conflict just across the border in Nigeria (presence of Boku Haram).

Don't ignore this travel advices for the moment!

Let's hope for better times especially for the people living in that area.


(my journey to the Extreme North of Cameroon was in december 1990 when it was more or les safe.)


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