About Me

From early childhood on (born in 1962), I have been more interested in wildlife than for toy cars. As the first TV series (1968) by Jacques Cousteau and Bernhard Grizmek ran on screen I became more and more fascinated on Wildlife and Travelling.
At that time, the world was still very small, and travelling to distant worlds, diving and safaris were reserved for privileged people. At that time, I never thought to see a Whale, a Grizzly, a Gorilla or any other “exotic” animal in my life. Having close encounters with any of these creatures was beyond my imagination.
During my studies of Sociology and Ethnology I concentrated myself more and more on native cultures. My travels led me first to West Africa (Ghana, Cameroon) and Southeast Asia (Borneo, Malaysia). At that time I began to deal with photography with low budget equipment and the results were rather very modest mostly due to my lacking skills.

On a trip in 1992 through New England in the USA, I met more coincidentally the world of wildlife. During a Whale-Watching-Trip I got my first encounters with whales. The photographic results were more than just disappointing but the World of Whales and Dolphins began to fascinate me for more than a decade. During the following journeys, I tried to improve the quality of my photographs and got more familiar and closer with the fascinating world of marine mammals in the US, Mexico, Canada, Acores and Africa.
While I am an amateur-photographer, little time remains for me to travel and to take photographs.

Stock Photos

On Adobe Stock  you will find a selection of over 100 carefully revised photographs in high resolution.
All my images on Adobe stock  are royalty-free and can be used in all of your design projects and documents, without time limits or restrictions on the number of copies you print.
If you interested to download my images for your projects, please use the following links :

 My photo Gallery on adobe stock for downloading